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If you have a suggestion for ways to improve the site, if you find any bugs or unexpected behaviour, if you don't understand how something works or even if, unlikely though it may seem, you just want to say something nice, please let us know. You can get in contact us either by e-mail, or by sending a message through the site from your account:

  • For most things e.g. help with using the site, account creation, or publicity, please ask one of the Cambridge University team: Richard, Matchmaker, ms2739.

  • If you have any technical queries, bug-reports, or requests for new features, then please message Cupid.

  • If you have any success stories, gossip, or testimonials, please tell ALL of us!! We love to hear about it :-)

  • For general feedback, please consider filling in the survey. [Here are the previous results.]
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Thank you very much for your comments. We value what you have to say.

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